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EIQA Q Mark | Home - Quality Management Systems, Haccp, Ireland

T: +353 1 660 4100

F: +353 1 660 4280

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The Q Mark framework has been used to drive sustainable business improvements for over 40 years. At the heart of every programme is the commitment to continuous improvement


Q Mark

No matter what business sector you are operating in… there is a Q Mark framework that will help you to improve performance


Training, Consultancy, Advice

We provide a range of courses and certified training to support you on your journey towards excellence

Apply for the
Q Mark

Registering for a Q Mark audit or assessment is a cost effective approach to managing your business

National Q
Mark Awards

The National Q Mark Awards is one of the most prestigious business awards in Ireland and is hotly contested by businesses that have achieved outstanding results 


Will you be a superhero? 


Right now there are 300 people around Ireland battling the enormity of EB everyday...








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Q Mark Supplement in The Irish Independent!

Be sure to keep an eye out for The Q Mark Supplement in The Irish Independent this week!...
























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Contact Us

Q Mark House

68 Pembroke Road


Dublin 4

DO4 A3T6

T: 01 660 4100

F: 01 660 4280 

E: info@eiqa.com

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